Junior Club

The Junior Club has been founded in order to provide its members with chances to explore the riches of the Institute, pursue questions related to the natural sciences and history, and be of service to the Institute. Meetings exploring topics of interest to the group will be held every other monthly. Member will be notified by email for the upcoming topic, field trip, or activity and can check Facebook for announcements, postings, and suggestions as well as activities that may take place on an informal basis in alternate months. Exploration, adventure, and service are at the heart of our endeavors. The club will work in part on a collaborative basis, so we welcome your ideas and suggestions.

Donations to the Club in order to cover the costs associated with the group are accepted. Other than than, we ask you simply to come with your ideas, your enthusiasm, and your interest in science, nature, and history.

If you have questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact  Stephanie Gaboriault.

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