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May 12, 2013

The Legacy of Phebe and Matilda:  Contributions by Women at the Delaware County Institute of Science, Media, Pa. Presented by Kathy Hornberger, Ph.D, Widener Univ.  Women have supported the mission of DCIS since the organization began in 1833, although active membership with full voting privileges was not available to them until 1869.  This talk will focus on some of the remarkable women of Delaware County whose passion for the sciences was equal to any of the men who were elected […]


April 14, 2013

The Flow of History along Ridley Creek. Presented by Walt Cressler, Ph.D., West Chester Univ. The natural and cultural highlights of the Ridley Creek watershed’s environmental history will be featured. Topics will range from the creek’s role in the livelihood of the Okehocking Band of the Lenape, early Quaker agricultural settlement, the many mills, the influence of various modes of transportation on patterns of land use, and the history of such places as Goshenville, Tyler Arboretum, Ridley Creek State Park, […]


March 10, 2013

“Micromounting” History and Techniques. Presented by Mr. John Ferante, Leidy Microscopical Society. The definition of micromounting is “any specimen which has been properly prepared and permanently mounted for the purpose of preservation and whose observation is enhanced by magnification through the microscope.”  John Ferrante of the Leidy Microscopical Society will review the history of this technique which allowed for the permanent mounting for scientific identification and study.  Micromounting is particularly relevant today as mines close and travel costs climb.  He […]


February 10, 2013

Death-pits and Underworld Visits: The King’s Passing and its Aftermath in Ancient Mesopotamia. Presented by Stephen Tinney, Ph.D., Penn Museum. One of the most famous archaeological discoveries from ancient Iraq is the royal tombs of Ur come from about 2500 BC. The finds there included not only large amounts of gold and precious objects, but multiple burials including soldiers and servants. Starting with the death rituals of Ur, we will meet up with Gilgamesh and travel to the underworld, exploring […]


January 13, 2013

Green Cuisine: A Look at Farmed and Wild Shellfish Resources in New Jersey. Presented by Daphne Munroe, Ph.D., Rutgers Univ. Dr. Munroe will discuss what the biology and ecology of local shellfish species and why they are more than a delicious entree. Daphne is an Assistant Professor at Rutgers University and is primarily interested in the ecology of marine larvae and coastal population dynamics. Her specific research interests include the interactions of coastal anthropogenic activities like clam and oyster fishing […]


December 9, 2013

Uncorking the past: The quest for wine, beer, and extreme fermented beverages. Presented by Pat McGovern, Ph.D., Penn Museum. Fermented beverages have probably been with the human race from its beginning in Africa. Patrick McGovern will describe how enterprising our ancestors were in concocting a host of beverages from a vast array of natural products (honey, grape, barley, rice, sorghum, chocolate, etc.) as humans spread around the planet, which had profound effects on our cultural and biological development. Some of […]


November 11, 2013

250th Anniversary of the Mason-Dixon Line. Presented by Mr. Torben Jenk, restorer of historic structures, researcher of Colonial land settlement, surveyors and the instruments they used. November 2013 is the 250th anniversary of the arrival, in 1763, of Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon to finally settle the 82 year long struggle to fix the boundary between Pennsylvania and Maryland. There will be a brief summary of the earlier 17th and 18th century surveys and problems with those terrestrial techniques. Mason […]


October 14, 2013

“INNERSPACE” – in Stereo 3D! The Joys of Micromineralogy. Presented by Dr. David C. Rilling of the Leidy Microscopical Society who will showcase the collection of 3D stereo slides created by his father, Dr. Carl A. Rilling, who was one of the first to photograph microminerals in 3D. Share: Recommend on Facebook Share on Linkedin Tweet about it Print for later Bookmark in Browser Tell a friend

May 14, 2012

Benjamin H. Smith: Student, Soldier, Surveyor, Scientist. Presented by Kathy Hornberger, PhD, Widener Univ. Please join DCIS for a birthday celebration of Benjamin H. Smith, former member of the Institute and second son of Dr. George Smith, one of our founders and our first president. Presentation of research conducted over the past two years will chronicle important contributions B.H. Smith made to his country and to his local community. Statements from his personal diary, as well as obituaries written by […]

Apr 9, 2012

Wildlife of the Galapagos Islands. Presented by William Pepper, Brandywine Photo Collective. The Galapagos Islands are a photographer’s paradise. Most of the indigenous wildlife has not evolved a fear of humans and can, therefore, be approached and recorded while pursuing normal lifestyle behaviors. Bill Pepper will present highlights of a two-week tour of the Islands during October 2010. Share: Recommend on Facebook Share on Linkedin Tweet about it Print for later Bookmark in Browser Tell a friend