The museum exhibits mounted birds and animals, an herbarium of Delaware County plants and other areas; fossils, shells, and corals from around the world; animal skulls, bird nests and eggs, butterflies, spiders, insects, and miscellaneous other collections such as maps as old as 1810, tools, glass bottles, telegraph keys, late 1800’s radios and radio vacuum tubes and microscopes.

The displays and research collections of minerals include many from famous localities in the area. The museum also houses the original plate blocks used to print Samuel Gordon’s 1922 Mineralogy of Pennsylvania. Additionally, specimens brought from the mineral prospects of the West by members of the Delaware County Institute of Science during the 1800′s can be viewed and studied.

Juniors enjoy our please touch exhibits which include minerals, animal bones and skeletons, furs and hides, and shells and fossils including sawfish and shark jaws, a skunk fur and turtle shells, fern and dinosaur fossils, star fish and a sea horse, and a petrified tree trunk.

The Library of the Institute houses several thousand books and other publications on the Natural Sciences. Many of these are period classics by authors who have been subsequently recognized widely for their scientific contributions. The Library includes numerous volumes of local significance and highlights a large 19th century series realting to Pennsylvania. Copies of the “Proceedings of the Delaware County Institute of Science” from the early 1900’s are indexed and available for a small charge.

A monthly lecture program is prepared for each winter season, October through May. Well-known and qualified persons are invited to present subjects of scientific, technological or nature interest. An annual field trip relating usually to the natural sciences is conducted for members and friends. The areas visited include mineral locations, arboretums, wildlife sanctuaries or other places having notable natural science attractions. Lectures are FREE and presented upstairs in the Lecture Hall. Parties of 10 or more can be accommodated by reservation. Please call in advance to make arrangements. Doors open by 7:30 PM. Lectures begin at 8 PM. Events may be cancelled in case of inclement weather. Call (610) 566-5126 to confirm.

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